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Error numbers < 128 (ie, b7=0) are language errors. Error numers > 127 (ie b7=1) are non-language (ie MOS, filing system, utility, etc.) errors. As BASIC's errors are all <64, any error numbers used with a program for its own purposes should be 64-127.

        6502 BASIC             ARM BASIC                               Windows BASIC
 00   0 No room                No room                                 No room
 01   1 Out of range           No such mnemonic                        Jump out of range
                               No such suffix
 02   2 Byte                   Bad immediate constant                  Size needed
                               Bad address offset
                               Bad shift register
 03   3 Index                  Duplicate register in multiply          Multiple label
 04   4 Mistake                Mistake                                 Mistake
                               Missing =
                               Missing = in FOR statement
 05   5 Missing ,              Missing ,                               Missing ,
 06   6 Type mismatch          Type mismatch: number needed            Type mismatch
                               Type mismatch: string needed
                               Type mismatch: array needed
                               Can't addign to array of this size
                               Can't SWAP different types
 07   7 No FN                  Not in a function                       Not in a function
 08   8 $ range                Too low a value for $<number>           Address out of range
 09   9 Missing "              Missing "                               Missing "
 0A  10 Bad DIM                Bad DIM statement                       Bad DIM statement
                               Impossible dimension
                               DIM() function needs an array
                               No room to do matrix multiplication
                               No end of dimension list
                               Can't DIM negative amount
                               Arrays cannot be redimensioned
 0B  11 DIM space              No room for this DIM                    DIM space
                               No room for this dimension
 0C  12 Not LOCAL                                                      Not in a FN or PROC
                               Items can only be made local in a function or procedure
 0D  13 No PROC                Not in a procedure                      Not in a procedure
 0E  14 Array                  Unknown array                           Bad use of array
                               Unknown array in DIM() function
                               Undimensioned array
 0F  15 Subscript              Subscript out of range                  Bad subscript
                               Incorrect number of subscripts
 10  16 Syntax error           Syntax error                            Syntax error
 11  17 Escape                 Escape                                  Escape
 12  18 Division by zero       Division by zero                        Division by zero
 13  19 String too long        String too long                         String too long
 14  20 Too big                Number too big                          Number too big
                               Number too big for Sine or Cosine
 15  21 -ve root               Negative root                           Negative root
 16  22 Log range              Logarithm range                         Logarithm error
 17  23 Accurancy lost         Accuracy lost in Sine/Cosine/Tangent    Accuracy lost
 18  24 Exp range              Exponent range                          Exponent range
 19  25 Bad MODE                                                       Bad MODE
 1A  26 No such variable       Unknown variable or missing variable    No such variable
                               Can't use array reference here
 1B  27 Missing )              Missing )                               Missing )
                               Missing (
                               Missing ]
                               Missing {
                               Missing }
 1C  28 Bad HEX                Bad Hex                                 Bad hex or binary
                               Hex number too large
                               Bad binary
 1D  29 No such FN/PROC        No such function/procedure              No such FN/PROC
 1E  30 Bad call               Bad call of function/procedure          Bad call
 1F  31 Arguments              Arguments to function/procedure incorrect
                               Invalid RETURN actual parameter         Incorrect arguments
                               Invalid array actual parameter
 20  32 No FOR                 Not in a FOR loop                       Not in a FOR loop
 21  33 Can't match FOR        Can't match FOR                         Can't match FOR
 22  34 FOR variable           Bad FOR control variable                Bad FOR variable
 23  35 Too many FORs          The step cannot be zero                 STEP cannot be zero
 24  36 Missing TO             Missing TO                              Missing TO
 25  37 Too many GOSUBs        No room for function/procedure call     Missing OF
 26  38 No GOSUB               Not in a subroutine                     Not in a subroutine
 27  39 ON syntax              ON syntax                               ON syntax
 28  40 ON range               ON range                                ON range
 29  41 No such line           No such line                            No such line
 2A  42 Out of DATA            Out of data                             Out of data
 2B  43 No REPEAT              Not in a REPEAT loop                    Not in a REPEAT loop
 2C  44 Too many REPEATs       Too many nested structures              WHEN/OTHERWISE not first
 2D  45 Missing #              Missing #                               Missing #
 2E  46                        Not in a WHILE loop                     Not in a WHILE loop
 2F  47                        Missing ENDCASE                         Missing ENDCASE
 30  48                        OF missing from CASE statememt          OF not last
                               CASE OF statement must be the last thing on a line
 31  49                        Missing ENDIF                           Missing ENDIF
 32  50                        Bad MOUSE variable                      Bad MOUSE variable
 33  51                        Too many input expressions for SYS      No such system call
                               Too many output variables for SYS
 34  52                        Can't install library                   Bad library
                               Bad program used as function/procedure library
                               No room for library
 35  53                                                                Size mismatch
 36  54                                                                DATA not LOCAL
 37  55                                                                Missing \
 38  56                                                                Bad use of structure
 39  57
 3A  58
 3B  59
 3C  60
 3D  61
 3E  62
 3F  63
 40  64
 41  65
  :  :                         User error numbers with BASIC programs
 7E 126
 7F 127

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