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OSWORD &5D (93 ) - Parse option patterns DVR

On entry:
 XY+0..1=address of a pattern list
 XY+2..3=address of a string list
 XY+4..5=address of a result list
 XY?6   =case-sensitivity flag (0=case sensitive,
  &FF=case insensitive)
The pattern and string lists are lists of length-prefixed strings,
terminated by a zero byte. The character * in a pattern matches any
number of characters, and the character ? matches exactly one
On exit:
 The result list contains one entry for each string in the
string list. The entry is &FF if no matching pattern was found, or
1--#patterns indicating the pattern matched by the string. In the
latter case, a pair of bytes follow for each sequence of * and ?,
indicating the start and end indices of the corresponding part of
the string.

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