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OSBYTE &F2 (242) - Read OS copy of serial ULA register

   b0..2=determine the receive baud rate
   b3..5=determine the transmit baud rate
   b6   =1=RS423 using serial system (instead of cassette)
   b7   =1=cassette relay on
   Value 0=19200 baud 
         1=1200 baud
         2=4800 baud
         3=150 baud
         4=9600 baud
         5=300 baud
         6=2400 baud
         7=75 baud
   (Electron OS only)
   Read OS copy of location &FE07
   (RISC OS 1.00)
   b6 and b7 are used to make up the 4th bit of the transmit and receive
   baud rates, expanding the range of values:
   Value 9=134.5
         10=1800 baud
         11=50 baud
         12=3600 baud
         13=110 baud
         14=600 baud

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