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OSBYTE &9D (157) - Fast Tube BPUT

   Write a byte to an open file
   X=byte to write Y=file handle
   In OS 1.20 this call simply passes through the normal OSBPUT routine

This call returns immediately when executed on a coprocessor, leaving the coprocessor free to continue the application, and the host continuing the operation. Therefore the call does not return a result from the operation.[1]

Acorn advises that because of this, users who wish to carry out bulk data transfer between the host and the coprocessor should arrange to hook into BYTEV and intercept this call on the I/O processor. To initiate a transfer, the coprocessor should call OSBYTE &9D with parameters in X and Y for the intercepting code on the host.[1] The BPUT functionality of this call would therefore be supplanted, and become available only from OSBPUT.

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