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OSBYTE &0D (13) - Disable Event (exits with X=old value)

   Y=0 X=0 output buffer empty event
       X=1 input buffer full
       X=2 character entering buffer
       X=3 ADC conversion complete
       X=4 vsync event
       X=5 interval timer crossed 0
       X=6 ESCAPE pressed event
       X=7 RS423 error
       X=8 network error
       X=9 user event
   (Risc OS 1.00)
       X=10 mouse button press/release
       X=11 key press/release
       X=12 sound system reached start of bar
       X=13 PC emulator
       X=14 Econet receive complete
       X=15 Econet transmit complete
       X=16 Econet OS remote procedure called
       X=17 MIDI system
       X=18,20,23 reserved
       X=19 internet event
       X=21 expansion event
       X=22 device overrun event
       X=24 driver received frame for internet (DCI2 only)
       X=25 driver complteted internet transmission request (DCI2 only)
       X=28 portable battery management unit 
   This call decrements the respective count for the event. When it finally 
   reaches zero the event is stopped.

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