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The Electron User Group (EUG) was founded by Will Watts in 1991. It produced 73 issues, each of which are freely available on the Internet. Up until issue 62, the magazine was a collaboration and contributions were submitted to it from its readership. A flagging readership meant that it called time at EUG #62. However, it was brought back to life around sixteen months later. Since then a further eleven issues have been produced. The most recent issue of the magazine was produced in December 2011.

The magazine is a mix of articles, reviews, solutions, utilities and games. Some of its more memorable inclusions in the past were from contributors such as Christian Weber, Dominic Ford, Derek Walker and Richard Dimond. EUG at one time enjoyed a readership of some 240+. By EUG #62 the readership had fallen to less than ten people.

One of EUG's fondly remembered features is the 'opener' - typically a graphical demo - which gradually improved from issue to issue. From two colour digitised pictures in EUG #0 to amazingly detailed 8 bit pictures in the most recent issues.

EUG was edited by Dave E from EUG #45, and prompted him to create the Acorn Electron World web site, which then went on to spawn the YouTube channel AcornElectronTV.

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