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While some network services use a specific port to communicate on, clients should perform a FindServer operation using port &B0 to find the specific server it wants to communicate with, and the use the port number contained in the reply. A server should claim the ports it wants to use from the network system. On RISC OS this is simple, use Econet_AllocatePort. On 8-bit systems, choosing a random number between &01 and &7F at startup will often suffice for server-client communications.

&00 Immediate Operation
&54 DigitalServicesTapeStore
&90 FileServerReply
&91 FileServerData
&93 Remote
&99 FileServerCommand
&9C Bridge
&9D ResourceLocator
&9E PrinterServerEnquiryReply
&9F PrinterServerEnquiry
&A0 SJ Research *FAST protocol
&AF SJ Research Nexus net find reply port - SJVirtualEconet
&B0 FindServer
&B1 FindServerReply
&B2 TeletextServerCommand
&B3 TeletextServerPage
&B4 Teletext
&B5 Teletext
&D0 PrinterServerReply
&D1 PrinterServerData
&D2 TCPIPProtocolSuite - IP over Econet
&D3 SIDFrameSlave, FastFS_Control
&D4 Scrollarama
&D5 Phone
&D6 BroadcastControl
&D7 BroadcastData
&D8 ImpressionLicenceChecker
&D9 DigitalServicesSquirrel
&DA SIDSecondary, FastFS_Data
&DB DigitalServicesSquirrel2
&DC DataDistributionControl, Cambridge Systems Design
&DD DataDistributionData, Cambridge Systems Design
&DE ClassROM, Oak Solutions
&DF PrinterSpoolerCommand, Oak Solutions
&E0 DigitalServicesNetGain1, David Faulkner, Digital Services
&E1 DigitalServicesNetGain2, David Faulkner, Digital Services
&E2 AppFS1, Les Want, AppFS
&E3 AppFS2, Les Want, AppFS
&E4 AtomWideFaxNet, Martin Coulson / Chris Ross
&E5 AtomWidePrintNet, Martin Coulson / Chris Ross
&E6 IotaDataPower, Neil Raine, Iota
&E7 CDNetServerBroadcast, Ellis Hall, PEP Associates
&E8 CDNetServerReplies, Ellis Hall, PEP Associates
&E9 ClassFS_Server, Oak Solutions
&EA DigitalServicesTapeStore2, New allocation to replace &54
&EB DeveloperSupport, Mark/Jon communication port
&EC LLS_Net, Longman Logotron S-Net server


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