CMOS configuration RAM allocation

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   Location  Settings                                 Configured with
    0        Econet Station Number                    *SetStation nnn
    1        File server station number               *Config. FS nnn
    2        File server network number               *Config. FS nnn.sss
    3        Printer server station number            *Config. PS nnn
    4        Printer server network number            *Config. PS nnn.sss
    5 b0-b3  Default filing system ROM                *Config. File nn
      b4-b7  Default language ROM                     *Config. Lang nn
    6        ROMs 0-7 unplugged/inserted              *Insert nn/*Unplug nn
    7        ROMs 8-15 unplugged/inserted             *Insert nn/*Unplug nn
    8 b0-b2  EDIT screen mode
      b3     EDIT TAB to columns/words
      b4     EDIT overwrite/insert
      b5     EDIT display returns
      b6-b7  spare
    9        Telecoms software
   10 b0-b3  Default screen mode b0-b2,b7             *Config. Mode nn
      b4     Default TV interlace                     *Config. TV xx,n
      b5-b7  Default TV position, 0 to 3, -4 to -1    *Config. TV nn,x
   11 b0-b2  Default floppy speed                     *Config. FDrive n
      b3     Shift Caps on startup          \         *Config. ShCaps
      b4     No Lock on startup              (*fx202) *Config. NoCaps
      b5     Caps Lock on startup           /         *Config. Caps
      b6     ADFS load directory on startup           *Config. NoDir/Dir
      b7     ADFS floppy/hard drive on startup        *Config. Floppy/Hard
   12        Keyboard repeat delay           (*fx11)  *Config. Delay nnn
   13        Keyboard repeat rate            (*fx12)  *Config. Repeat nnn
   14        Printer ignore character        (*fx246) *Config. Ignore nnn
   15 b0     Ignore/enable Tube                       *Config. NoTube/Tube
      b1     Ignore printer ignore character (*fx182) *Config. Ignore/Ignore nnn
      b2-b4  Default serial speed 0-7     (*fx7/*fx8) *Config. Baud n
      b5-b7  Default printer device, 0-7     (*fx245) *Config. Print n
   16 b0     Default to shadow screen on start (MER)  *Config. Shadow
      b1     Default BEEP quite/loud                  *Config. Quiet/Loud
      b2     Internal/External Tube                   *Config. InTube/ExTube
      b3     Scrolling enabled/protected              *Config. Scroll/NoScroll
      b4     Noboot/boot on reset                     *Config. NoBoot/Boot
      b5-b7  Default serial data format      (*fx192) *Config. Data n
   17 b0     ANFS raise 2 pages of workspace          *Config. NoSpace/Space
      b1     ANFS run *FindLib on logon               *-Net-Opt 5,n
      b2-b3  b2 ANFS use &0Bxx-&0Cxx or &0Exx-&0Fxx   *-Net-Opt 6,n
             b3 unused
      b4-b5  unused                                   *-Net-Opt 7,n
      b6-b7  b6 ANFS protected                        *-Net-Opt 8,n
             b7 Display version number on startup
   18 b0-b3  Compact joystick speed         \         *Config. Stick nn
      b4     unused                          (*fx190)
      b5     Compact joystick proportional/switched   *Config. Proportional/Switched
      b6-b7  Century 19-22                  /
   19        Country code                    (*fx240) *Config. Country nnn
   20-29     Reserved for Acorn
   20 b0-b3  ARM CoPro CPU type (JGH ARM Modules)     *Config. CPU <cpuname>
   30-45     Allocated to ROM 0-15
   46-49     Reserved for user applications
   255       EEPROM size
   30+rom b7    Shadow <n>
          b6-b5 PBuffer <n>
          b4    0=Basic, 1=HiBasic
          b3-b0 unused
   VIEW B3.xx
   30+rom b0    No formatting/Formatting
          b1    No justification/Justification
          b2    Overwrite/Insert
          b3-b7 unused
   30+rom b0-b3 unused
          b4-b5 5-(number of channels)                *-hadfs-Opt 5,n
          b6    Drive 1 internal/external             *-hadfs-Opt 7,n
          b7    unused
   CoPro Filing System
   30+rom b0-b3 Filing system ID if non-zero          *-cpfs-Opt 7,n
          b4-b7 &B if CMOS setting is valid
   Master ROM
   30+rom terminal width and background/foreground colours
   Documentation states the Master ROM also uses byte 39 and 44, which
   are allocated for ROM 9 and ROM 14, to store the alarm time.
   Very naughtily, VFS access location 20+rom instead of 30+rom, so
   trashing any ability to use locations 20-29 if VFS is present. Byte
   &907A and &9088 in VFS 1.70 needs to be patched, changed from 20 to 30
   to fix this.
   20+rom b0    VFS Eject/NoEject                     *Config. Eject/NoEject
          b1-b5 unused
          b6    VFSDir/VFSNoDir                       *Config. VFSDir/VFSNoDir
          b7    unused
   Internationalisation ROM
   Also incorrectly uses 20+rom instead of 30+rom. This is particularly a
   problem as the Internationalisation ROM is typically used in the Master
   Compact which only has three ROMs by default, so if it is ROM slot 10 or
   above, it will overwrite location 30+rom.
   20+rom country number, copied to OSBYTE 240.       *Config. Country <nn|name>
   Millipede Prisma
   The Millipede Prisma stores its configuration settings in its own private
   nonvolatile RAM.
   *Configure Buffer <num>       *Configure Level <num>,<num>    *Configure Text <num>
   *Configure GenLock <num>      *Configure LPhase <num>         *Configure TZoom <num>
   *Configure Graphics <num>     *Configure Overlay <num>        *Configure VKey <num>,<num>,<num>
   *Configure GTV <num>,<num>    *Configure Palette <num>,<num>  *Configure Width <num>
   *Configure Init <num>         *Configure Point <num>          *Configure Zoom <num>

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