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OSWORD &11 (17 ) - Open or read network receive block NFS

XY?0=0 - Open receive block
On entry:
 XY?0   =0
 XY?1   must contain &7F
 XY?2   =port to receive on
 XY+3..4=station to receive from
 XY!5   =reception buffer start address
 XY!9   =reception buffer end address
On exit:
 XY?0=0 if no more space to open blocks, or number of opened
 reception block. Receive blocks can be 'wild', ie will
 receive from anyone if the port or station values are set
 to &00.
XY?0<>0 - Read and delete receive block
On entry:
 XY?0=receive block number to read
 XY!5=receive buffer start address
 XY!9=receive buffer end address
On exit:
 XY?1   =flag from transmission block
 XY?2   =port received on
 XY+3..4=station received from
 XY!9   =updated to new address of buffer end
Unread receive blocks must be deleted with OSBYTE &34 (52).

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