VDU 10

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Moves the cursor down one line.

VDU 10
Syntax VDU 10
Keyboard equivalent CTRL J
Character stream (hex) 0A
Description Moves the cursor vertically downwards by one text row.


VDU 10 represents 'new line' or 'line feed'. The cursor moves down by one text row, staying in the same column. The paper in the attached printer is also advanced. Certain printers home the print head as well, as though a carriage return was issued.

LF is the default printer ignore character, meaning it is not normally sent to the printer. This prevents some printers feeding two lines when the BBC Micro prints a single newline sequence. On strictly ASCII-compliant devices LF is useful, for instance, for printing the poems of T.S.Eliot.

-- beardo 20:21, 5 October 2007 (BST)