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          Graphics Extension ROM:      SRAM Utils:
   80 128 No sprite memory             Bad id
   81 129 Not a graphics mode
   82 130 No room to get sprite
   83 131 No Sprites
   84 132
   85 133 Can't open file              Not enough room
   86 134 Sprite doesn't exist
   87 135 Missing comma
   88 136 Sprite numbers are equal     Out of range
   89 137 Bad number                   No device talked
   8A 138                              No device listened
   8B 139                              No BBC DEVICE NO
   8C 140                              CLEAR not executed
   8D 141                              String too long
   8D 141 Buffer in use
   8E 142 No buffer
   8F 143 No 80186
   90 144 Bad Tube configuration
   91 145
   92 146
   93 147 I cannot run this code       Won't                   Door open (VFS)
   94 148 Bad compact                  Bad params (ADFS)
   95 149 IRQ already indirected
   96 150 Can't delete CSD
   97 151 Can't delete LIB             Can't delete Library
   98 152 Compaction required
   99 153 Map full
   9A 154
   9B 155
   9C 156
   9D 157 Illegal operation (TFS)
   9E 158
   9F 159
   A0 160 Line jammed
   A1 161 Net error
   A2 162 Station xxx not listening    Can't delete URD
   A3 163 No clock                     No clock - Check network connector
   A4 164 Station xxx not present      Bad TxCB
   A5 165 No reply from station xxx    No reply
   A6 166 Printer busy
   A7 167 Printer jammed
   A8 168 FS Error XX                  Is a directory          Broken directory
   A9 169 Too long (PSERV)             Bad free space map      Bad FS map              No directory (ADFS)
   AA 170 Wrong printer (PSERV)        Bad printer type (PSERV)Bad sum (ADFS)
   AB 171 Printer off line
   AC 172 Bad user name
   AD 173 Mode x                       Sizes don't match       Bad MODE (VFS)          Turn interlace on (VFS)
   AE 174 Not logged on                Same disk               Types don't match (Filestore)
   AF 175 Types don't match
   B0 176 Bad rename                   Circular rename         Rename across disks
   B1 177 Already a user
   B2 178 PW file full                 No room in memory
   B3 179 Directory full               Dir. full
   B4 180 Directory not empty          Dir. not empty          Dir. is linked
   B5 181 XXXX is not a file           Is a directory          Is a dir.
   B6 182                              Map fault (Filestore)
   B7 183 Outside file
   B8 184 Too many users
   B9 185 Bad password
   BA 186 Insufficient privilege
   BB 187 Wrong password
   BC 188 User not known               Execute only
   BD 189 Insufficient access          Not enabled             Access violation        File execute only
   BE 190 XXXX is not a directory      Catalogue full          Cat full                Directory full
   BF 191 Who are you?                 Can't extend
   C0 192 Too many files open          Too many open files     Can't save file         No room for more channels
   C0 192 No more FCBs                 No room for MCP         Too many open           All channels already in use
   C1 193 Not open for update          File read only          Read only
   C2 194 Already open                 File open               Can't - file open       Already open at station xxx
   C3 195 Entry locked                 File locked
   C4 196 File exists                  Already exists          Exists
   C5 197 Bad disk parameters          Disk Fault              Drive fault
   C5 197 Cannot recalibrate           Disk not formatted      Winchester error
   C6 198 Disk full                    Length too long         CP memory full          RAMDisk full
   C7 199 Bad Sector                   Disk Read Error         Sector error
   C7 199 Clock error                  Disk Write Error        Sector not found
   C7 199 CRC error in data            Floppy Fault            Track 0 not found
   C7 199 CRC error in ID              ID Field CRC Error      Unformatted
   C7 199 Data Field CRC Error         Incompatible            Winchester Error
   C7 199 Disc error                   Late DMA                Write fault
   C7 199 Disc fault                   RAMDisc corruption
   C7 199 Disk Clock error             Ramdisc error
   C8 200 Disk changed                 Not an HADFS disk       Too small               Close error
   C9 201 Disk read only               Write protected         Disc protected          Disc write protected
   CA 202 Bad checksum                 Data lost, channel xxx  Device fault
   CB 203 Bad option                   Bad opt
   CC 204 Bad filename                 Bad name
   CD 205 Bad drive                    Drive not ready         Drive door open
   CE 206 Bad directory                Bad dir                 Unsupport directory
   CF 207 Bad attribute
          CFS/RFS errors:
   D0 208 Bad station number                   Ambiguous filename
   D1 209 Illegal character            Illegal character       Incompatible disc format
   D2 210                              Drive ? not present
   D3 211                                                      [Drive empty]
   D4 212                              Write only              [Disk not found]
   D5 213 Locked                                               [Disk not present]
   D6 214 File not found               Not found               XXXX not found          Can't open file
   D7 215 Bad ROM
   D8 216 Data?
   D9 217 Header?
   DA 218 Block?
   DB 219 File?
   DC 220 Syntax                       Syntax                  Syntax
   DD 221                                                      Disk density mismatch
   DE 222 Channel                      Channel not open        Net channel
   DF 223 EOF                          End of file
   E0 224 Transfer error
   E1 225
   E2 226
   E3 227
   E4 228
   E5 229
   E6 230
   E7 231
   E8 232
   E9 233
   EA 234 Telesoftware error
   EB 235
   EC 236
   ED 237
   EE 238
   EF 239
          MOS errors:
   F0 240                              Undefined instruction
   F1 241                              Abort on instruction fetch
   F2 242                              Abort on data transfer
   F3 243                              Address exception
   F4 244                              Unknown IRQ
   F5 245                              Branch through zero
   F6 246
   F7 247 OS x.yz                      Bad event               MOS x.yz
   F8 248 Bad filing system name       No filing system        Bad filing system ID
   F9 249 Language?                    No language ROM         Duplicate filing system ID
   FA 250 Key in use
   FB 251 Bad key
   FC 252 Bad address                  Bad number
   FD 253 Bad string                   Wildcards
   FE 254 Bad command                  Bad command             Bad command
   FF 255 Bad                          Unknown error
   00   0                              This is not a language
   00   0                              I cannot run this code
          80186 Tube client:
   FF 255 Cannot boot DOS - ADFS not present
   FF 255 Cannot boot DOS - boot file not found
   FF 255 Not 80186 code               Not a language
  100 256 File not found
  101 257 Can't use OS_PRIV from user mode     TK_privilege called from user
  102 258 Can't use OS_PRIV on OS_PRIV         Attempt to modify privilege of TK_privilege
  103 259 Can't use OS_PRIV on unknown SVC     Unknown SVC reference by TK_privilege
  104 260 LOAD/RUN disabled                    Illegal load attempt by TK_OSCLI
  105 261 Illegal event number                 illegal event number
  106 262 Not a 32016 image
  11B 283 Escape (incorrect)
  1FE 510 End of file (incorrect)
  1FF 511 Key timeout (incorrect)
   FF 255 No BASIC ROM                 No BASIC?

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