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OSWORD &8A (138) - Set teletext pixel Dump Out 3

The control block is incorrectly defined for the OSWORD protocol,
and will work incorrectly if called from a coprocessor.
On entry:
 XY+0..1=X coord 0-1279
 XY+2..3=Y coord 0-1024
 XY?6=plot number:
  69=plot foreground
  71=plot background
  b7=1 to force overwriting of text
On exit:
 XY?4 =X position within cell
 XY?5 =Y position within cell
 XY?8 =text column containing cell
 XY?9 =text row containing cell
 XY?10=character containing the pixel.

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Jgharston 13:22, 26 May 2009 (UTC)