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OSWORD &81 (129) - Merlin M2100 Terminal
 On entry:                               On exit
   XY?0     =send block length             XY?0     =preserved
   XY?1     =receive block length          XY?1     =preserved
   XY?2     =call subnumber                XY?2     =preserved
   XY?3     =reserved for result           XY?3     =result byte 1
   XY?4     =reserved for result           XY?4     =result byte 2
   XY+5...  parameters


To be added.


The Advanced Reference Manual for the BBC Master (Watford Electronics) lists:

  • OSWORD &81 (129) - Springboard

See Also


  • M2105 Product Specification, Acorn, 18/Apr/1985.

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