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OSWORD &20 (32) - Transfer data between Tube and I/O memory TubeLink

On entry:
 XY?0=direction 0=Tube to I/O, 1=I/O to Tube
 XY!1=Tube address
 XY!5=I/O address
 XY!9=number of bytes
Extended I/O addresses are used. &FFrrxxxx specifies ROM &rr,
&FFFExxxx specifies shadow screen memory.

OSWORD &20 (32) - Acorn User Windowing System 1.00 by Alan Blundell AUWIN

XY?0=0 - Close all windows
XY?0=1 - Close top window
XY?0=2 - Release window
XY?0=3..9 - Open window type 3..9
On entry:
 XY?5=foreground colour
 XY?6=background colour
 XY?7=title bar colour
 XY?8=title bar background colour
 XY?9=edge colour
 XY?10=edge background colour
 XY+11...=CR-terminated title string

As OSWORD calls 21-127 are defined to have a 16-byte control block, only 4-character title strings can legally by passed. The version 2.00 Windowing System should be used instead which uses OSWORD 193 with a correctly-formed control block.

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