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OSWORD &0F (15): Write Real-Time clock
On entry:
 XY?0=length of data passed - function code
 XY+1.. value to use.
Functions are:
  5 - Set time to value in centisecond count since 00:00:00 01-Jan-1900 (where supported)
  8 - Set time to value in format "HH:MM:SS"
 16 - Set date to value in format "Day,DD Mon Year"
 24 - Set time and date to value in format "Day,DD Mon Year.HH:MM:SS"

The caller should simply store the length of the passed string at XY?0 and store the passed string or data at XY+1. The caller must not put any interpretation on the string and length it passes, that is entirely the responsibility of the code that implements the call, not the caller.

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