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OSBYTE &AD (173) - Read address of keyboard translation table

On entry: newvalue = (oldvalue AND Y) EOR X

On exit: X=high byte of address of keyboard translation table or keyboard number. See OSBYTE &AC.

The top bits indicate if the MOS keyboard driver is being used or an alternative keyboard driver is being used.

  • If Y=%11xxxxxx, MOS keyboard driver
  • If Y=%10xxxxxx, sideways ROM keyboard driver
  • If Y=%0xxxxxxx, International keyboard driver.

If Y<>%11xxxxxx (ie Y < &C0), the byte holds the keyboard number and implementation-specific flags:

  • b0-b4 : keyboard number &00-&1F, &00=none or default
  • b5
  • b6  : International keyboard drive: NUL needed flag
  • b6-b7 : MOS or external keyboard driver

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