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OSBYTE &46 (70) - Read/write country number (on exit X=0 if the country was invalid)

   X=1 UK
   X=2 Master
   X=3 Compact
   X=4 Italy      X=10 Greece     X=16 Iceland   X=22 Ireland     X=28 LatinAm
   X=5 Spain      X=11 Sweden     X=17 Canada1   X=23 Hong Kong   X=48 USA
   X=6 France     X=12 Finland    X=18 Canada2   X=24 Russia
   X=7 Germany    X=13 Unused     X=19 Canada    X=25 Russia2
   X=8 Portugal   X=14 Denmark    X=20 Turkey    X=26 Israel
   X=9 Esperanto  X=15 Norway     X=21 Arabic    X=27 Mexico
   Or use X=127 to read the current value

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