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Suffix commands

  xxxxList    - List an object
      List    - List a file
     BList    - List a BASIC file
    FSList    - List file servers
   MMCList    - List GoMMC objects
    PSList    - List printer servers
    RMList    - List relocatable modules
    SMList    - List sideways ROM modules
     SList    - List sprites
     VList    - List BASIC variables

  xxxxLoad    - Load a file
      Load    - Load a file
   BMPLoad    - Load a BitMap file
     CLoad    - Load character set (font definition)
  CMOSLoad    - Load configuration file (actually LoadCMOS)
    EELoad    - Load to EEPROM
   KeyLoad    - Load soft (function) key definitions
   RFSLoad    - Load RFS image file
    RMLoad    - Load a relocatable module
   ScrLoad    - Load a BBC screen dump
ScreenLoad    - Load a RISC OS screen dump
     SLoad    - Load sprites
    SMLoad    - Load a sideways ROM module
    SRLoad    - Load to sideways RAM
     XLoad    - Load to extended memory

Prefix commands

LCDxxxx       - LCD commands
LCD           - Connect VDU to LCD display
Libxxxx       - Library commands
Lib           - Select library directory
LibFS         - Select library filing system

Conversion commands

Alphabetical list

LeaveMenus    - 
LCD           - Connect VDU to LCD display (1)
Lib           - Select library directory
LibFS         - Select library filing system
Line          - Pass line of text to User vector
Link          - Link object files
List          - List a file
Lister        - 
ListIf        - 
ListLogons    - 
Load          - Load a file
LoadCMOS      - Load configuration file (should be CMOSLoad)
Lock          - 
LockBoot      - 
LockUp        - 
LogOn         - Log onto file server
LookUp        - 
lp            - Print out formatted file
lpS           - Display formatted text file to screen

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