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===Suffix commands===
===Suffix commands===

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Suffix commands

xxxxInfo      - Info on an object
    Info      - Info on a file or directory
 BMPInfo      - Info on BitMap file
 MMCInfo      - Display GoMMC information
FileInfo      - Detailed info on file or directory
   SInfo      - Info on sprites
 ZipInfo      - Info on ZIP file contents

xxxxInsert    - Insert
    Insert    - Insert sideways ROM/RAM into ROM table
  RMInsert    - Insert Relocatable Module into Module table

Prefix commands

Conversion commands

xxxxToInf     - Output INF files
 ZipToInf     - Copy metadata from ZIP files to INF files

Alphabetical list

I AM          - Log on to disk/file server/etc
If            - Execute command conditionally
IfThere       - Execute command if file/directory present
Ignore        - Set printer ignore character
Import        - Import files/disks
Info          - Display info on a file or directory
Insert        - Insert sideways ROM/RAM into ROM table
Install       - Install system infomation onto disk/etc

See also

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