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OSBYTE &A3 (163) - Application support

 On entry:
   X = application identifier
       X=128 Electron Plus 1
       X=242 Graphics Extension Support
       X=243 65Tube
       X=255 Acornsoft View family
   Y = parameter
 On exit:
   X = return value
   Y = return value

X=128 Plus 1 Support

 On entry:
   Y=0 enable printer/ADC
   Y=1 disable printer/ADC
   Y=2 enable serial port
   Y=3 disable serial port
   Y=4 restore ROM table
 On exit:
   If Y<4 on entry,
     X=0 if enabled, X<>0 if disabled
   If Y=4 on entry,
     X=default language in X, b7 set if no default language

X=242 Graphics Extension Support (GSX, RISC OS)

 On entry:
   Y=0     resets the dot-dash pattern and length to defaults
   Y=1..64 set dot dash pattern repeat length
 On entry:
   Y=65    return status returns
 On exit:
   X=b0..5 current dot dash pattern repeat length (0 means 64)
     b6    if set flood fill is always active
     b7    if set GXR ROM is turned on
   Y=number of pages allocated to sprites
 On entry:
   Y=66    return info on current sprite returns
 On exit:
   X=pixel width 
   Y=pixel height
   if X=Y=0 then the ROM is not fitted, or no sprite is selected

X=243 65Tube emulator

 On entry:
   Y=4     find code address
 On exit:
   if Y<>0, XY=address to jump to
   Called on Tube reset, *BASIC and NMIs to ask for any code entry address.
 On entry:
   Y=6     find *command to execute
 On exit:
   if Y<>0, XY=>*command to execute
   Called on Tube reset to ask for any startup command.

X=253 Reset

 On entry:

X=255 Acornsoft View family workspace flag

 On entry:
   Y<&80   read ROM's workspace byte at &DF0+romnum
   Y>&7F   set ROM's workspace byte at &DF0+romnum to &80
   Y=&01/&81 read/set View's ROM workspace byte
   Y=&02/&82 read/set ViewSheet's ROM workspace byte
   Y=&03/&83 read/set ViewStore's ROM workspace byte
   Y=&04/&84 read/set ViewSpell's ROM workspace byte
 On exit:
   X=ROM's workspace byte at &DF0+romnum
   Some versions of ViewSheet and ViewSpell do not implement the
   call to set the workspace byte.

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