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Nonvectored OSWRCH - Sends a character to the currently selected output stream(s).



On entry:
A = ASCII value of character to print
On exit:
A preserved
X preserved
Y preserved
D = 0

Jumps to the default OSWRCH code bypassing WRCHV. It should not be called directly by programs. It is often used by code that intercepts OSWRCH to pass on calls to the default WRCH code.

Calling from BBC BASIC

BBC BASIC does not call NVWRCH.

Entry points

  • BBC BASIC Entry Address: none
  • 6502 Entry Address: &FFCB
  • Z80 Entry Address: none
  • 6809 Entry Address: none
  • 80x86 Entry Address: none
  • 32000 Entry Address: none
  • PDP-11 Entry Address: none
  • ARM Entry Address: none


Implemented in all 6502 MOS versions.

Jgharston 17:39, 12 December 2007 (UTC)