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Command names

Commands must be named sensibly. A command is a verb, so commands should be named as the operative verb, with an optional modifier. Commands that convert data should be named as XXXtoYYY. Commands must not use 2 or 4 instead of to or for.

Command Suffixes

Commands must be named <object><verb>, if <object> is missing the <verb> operates on files.

Command suffixes list

----All       - Perform action multiple times
----Cat       - Catalog an object
----Clear     - Clear objects
----Copy      - Copy objects
----Delete    - Delete objects
----Diff      - List differences between two objects
----Dump      - Dump an object
----Edit      - Edit object
----Echo      - Echo string
----Ensure    - Ensure objects
----Ex        - Examine (extended catalog)
----Form      - Format objects
----Free      - Display free space
----Info      - Info on an object
----Insert    - Insert objects
----Join      - Join objects
----List      - List objects, eg SMList, RMList
----Load      - Load a file
----Menu      - Enter a menu
----Mon       - Monitor
----Patch     - Patch an object
----Read      - Read from an object
----Rename    - Rename an object
----Run       - Run an object
----s         - List objects, eg ROMs, Keys
----Save      - Save a file
----Split     - Split objects
----Tidy      - Tidy objects
----Tree      - Directory tree manipulation
----Type      - Type an object
----Verify    - Verify objects
----Wipe      - Wipe objects
----Write     - Write to an object

Command prefixes

Commands must named <object><verb>, if <object> is missing the <verb> operates on files.

Command prefixes list

B----         - Basic
Bas----       - Basic
BBC---        - BBC format files
BIN----       - Binary file commands
BMP----       - BitMap commands
Boot----      - Boot command
C----         - Create objects
C----         - Character commands
Cat----       - Catalog commands
Check----     - Check for presence of objects
CMOS----      - Configuration commands, actually xxxxCMOS
Conv----      - Conversion commands
Copy----      - Copy objects
CPM----       - CPM commands
Def----       - Define settings
Desk----      - Desktop commands
DFS---        - Disk Filing System commands
Dir---        - Directory commands
Dis----       - Opposite command
Disc----      - Disc commands
Disk----      - Disk commands
Disp----      - Display commands
DOS----       - DOS commands
Enable----    - Enable "dangerous" commands
F----         - File manipulation
FI----        - FileInfo
Find----      - Find objects
Form----      - Format objects
FS----        - File Server commands
G----         - Graphics commands
G----         - Get information
Get----       - Get information
GO----        - Call code
GS----        - GSTranslate commands
H----         - Teletext Header commands
H----         - Hourglass commands
Hex----       - Hex files
Hi----        - Enter High version of language
Host----      - Host commands
Key----       - Soft (function) key commands
Kill----      - Kill (disable) objects
Lib----       - Library commands
M----         - Memory commands
Mail----      - Mail programs
MDR----       - Spectrum Microdrive commands
MIDI----      - MIDI commands
Mk----        - Make object
MkSrc----     - Make source file
Mon----       - Monitor programs
Mouse----     - Mouse commands
MMC----       - GoMMC commands
Net---        - Network commands
NFS---        - Network filing system commands
NV----        - NonVolatile RAM commands
Poll----      - Poll services
Prod----      - Prod (ping) a service
Prot----      - Protection commands
PS----        - Printer server commands
R----         - Remote commands
RAM----       - RAM filing system commands
Rem---        - Remote actions
RFS----       - RFS (Ram filing system) commands
RM----        - Relocatable Module commands
ROM----       - ROM commands
RS----        - Serial (RS232) commands
S----         - Sprite commands
Scr----       - BBC Screen commands
Screen----    - RISC OS Screen commands
Ser----       - Serial commands
Set----       - Set settings
Sort----      - Sorting commands
Spec----      - ZX Spectrum commands
SR----        - Sideways RAM/ROM commands
TAP----       - Spectrum tapefile commands
Tx----        - Text or Teletext commands
TTXT----      - Teletext receiver commands
Un----        - Opposite action
VD----        - Viewdata commands
W----         - Windows commands
X----         - Extended commands
Z80----       - Z80 commands
Zip----       - Zip commands
ZX----        - ZX Spectrum commands

Conversion commands

Conversion commands must be named <object>to<object. Note, they MUST NOT be named <object>2<object>.

Conversions list

BBCto---      - Convert from BBC format file
BINto---      - Convert from binary file
BMPto---      - Convert from BitMap image
DSDto---      - Convert from DSD disk image
HexTo---      - Convert from Hex file
MDRto---      - Convert from Microdrive image
SSDto---      - Convert from SSD disk image
TAPto---      - Convert from Tapefile
TextTo---     - Convert from Text
ZipTo---      - Convert from Zipfile
---toBBC      - Convert to BBC format file
---toBIN      - Convert to binary file
---toBMP      - Convert to BitMap file
---toDSD      - Convert to DSD disk image
---toHex      - Convert to Hex file
---ToInf      - Convert to INF metadata files
---toMDR      - Convert to microdrive image file
---toSnap     - Convert to snapshot file
---toSSD      - Convert to SSD disk image
---toTAP      - Convert to tapefile
---toText     - Convert to Text

Commands list

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