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The BBC Micro mailing list is a list is for discussion of Acorn machines and related topics. Information on subscribing and unsubscribing to the list is available from the BBC Micro mailing list archive help and support page.

In the past there was a separate mailing list called BeebEmul8 for discussion of all aspects of emulation and emulators of the BBC Microcomputer and related machines such as the Acorn Electron and BBC Master Series. The Beeb Emulators Mailing List has been integrated into the main BBC Micro mailing list. Questions and discussions relating to emulation and emulators of Acorn 8-bit machines are welcome on the BBC Micro mailing list.

The BBC Micro mailing list is hosted by James Fidell. The list currently has over 260 members and is very active.

The BBC Micro mailing list archive is an online archive of all posts to the mailing list, and was created by Jon Ripley and J.G.Harston.

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