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An internal or external ARM second processor designed and implemented by Robert Sprowson. The board comes with the following features:

  • ARM7TDMI processor at 64MHz
  • 8K unified cache to speed program execution
  • For internal use within a Master series or external use with the entire BBC microcomputer family
  • 16M high speed SDRAM
  • 512K on board flash ROM (containing system software and BASIC)
  • Expandable to up to 64M RAM and 4M flash ROM (external)
  • Optional serial EEPROM for parameter storage
  • Optional RS232 port for debugging use



The onboard MOS provides core character and file I/O SWI calls OS_WriteC to OS_SetEnv to communicate with the host as with RISC OS. Some additional SWI calls are also implemented. [1]


  1. ARM7 CoPro Supported SWI calls [1] (PDF)

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